About Michelle Mendez
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Life seems to be moving faster and faster as the challenges around and within us have increased on so many levels. Whether you are a young or old, rich or poor, black or white, female or male, conservative or liberal, Christian or Buddhist, we have all undergone massive changes in society that warrants a pause for adjustment. A tune-up, if you will.

Perhaps you sense something is brewing within you that is causing a craving to change your viewpoint about life in both subtle and perhaps even radical ways. Could you benefit from by shifting beliefs and events from the past that you’ve inherently sensed have been holding you back from living a better life? My hope is to help you to do this through counseling that feels fun, empowering and inspiring to you!

I will do this by providing different evidence-based mind-body therapies to inspire changes that will help you naturally experience greater joy in your relationships, work, mind, body and spirit. To finally transcend the worry, fear, guilt, shame and anger that has been plaguing you for far too long. Providing the therapy that works for you can greatly improve your ability to meet others, increase your sense of value and worth, better your love life, reduce ailments and physical pain, increase your income, reduce family conflict, make parenting easier, and allow you to feel more appreciative and passionate about life, even when life is requiring you to operate at a graduated level of Jedi training (AKA badass).

With over 15 years immersed in the profession of integrative psychology and bodywork, I am more passionate than ever to provide my clients with an experience that is not only more effective than traditional therapy, but also more enjoyable and much more efficient! If you are hesitant to try therapy for a variety of valid reasons, I invite you to experience a modern therapist’s take on healing and wellness. If you are curious, yet not fully convinced, let’s schedule a free brief phone consultation chat to determine whether we’re a good fit!

The world is in need of people like you… persons striving to be happy healthy humans.  Nothing is more infectious than peace and happiness.  Both of these touch people and alter the frequency of brain waves operating at the emotional state of love, presence, inspiration, gratitude, and joy. If you want to serve humanity while getting unstuck, it’s about getting tuned in and turned on!
The time is now.
Let’s do this shift! 

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