Online Counseling Sessions based in Boise, ID

Due to COVID-19, the way we communicate with others is changing. There are many video platforms that are safe and easy to use. Many people are moving to telehealth to receive their counseling. This may be because of the risk of disease from COVID-19, or maybe you are immunocompromised. Others choose e-counseling because they are receiving services for social anxiety counseling and need some accommodations.

Social Anxiety Online Therapy

Online anxiety treatment is a perfect way to start getting help for social anxiety. We will personalize a treatment plan for you to build confidence, learn strategies to help you deal with situations that scare you, and ultimately help you go out into the world. We are not only good therapists, we are good people. We use safe and gentle therapies such as EMDR and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).

Video Counseling through Zoom

As local counselors in the Boise area, we can meet through video counseling, or in person. We are happy to meet however you are most comfortable. If you are wondering if online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy, research does show that this is the case. We can even do EMDR and RRT treatment over video. Most issues are treatable online including depression therapy and trauma treatment. Many people even prefer it.
Online therapy is highly confidential and we provide the therapy in a non-disruptive and secure space. If you would like, we will also use mic’d headphones. We use Zoom as our video platform and we will e-mail you a code and link before our scheduled appointment. We use Zoom because it is safe and approved for therapy.  

Check with your insurance provider to make sure online therapy is covered. Most insurance agencies do cover online therapy now, but it is always good to double-check.  

We provide online therapy for teens and adults. If you need online depression, relationship, trauma, and family counseling services, contact North End Wellness for an appointment today.
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