Anger Management Counseling in Boise, Idaho

Anger is rarely ever helpful and usually creates just the opposite of what we want. It can cause us to be impulsive, hurtful, and regretful when used too much or in the wrong ways. It is like drinking poison and hoping someone else gets sick. Rarely will anyone go through life without getting angry. Anger is an emotion we all feel. It is what we do with that emotion that counts. When we feel anger our body is saying that there is something wrong, and we need to fix it. It brings awareness to us that there is something we need to deal with in our life. However, many times we react with anger in a negative way because of anxiety or something else. Many clients also may have another disorder or condition which makes it harder to control their anger.

When you come to North End Wellness for anger management therapy, we will help you identify what stresses you out or ‘triggers’ your anger outbursts, heal anything that has been under the anger, and give you skills to handle life in a calmer, more effective manner. We will then help you learn how to handle those stressors and tense situations in a more positive way.  

There are many ways of coping with anger and various ways to control it. Our therapists also teach anger management strategies for adults and youth. Counseling for stress and anxiety is usually included in our anger management treatment plan because it plays a large role as a trigger for anger.

Some of our treatments include:

EMDR for anger, bipolar disorder, and depression
Dealing with anger and
anxiety  - addressing anxiety may reduce extreme anger.
Meditation and stress reduction & counseling
Mood Disorder therapy
Domestic Abuse counseling
Self-anger management
Behavioral counseling

Speak to a Therapist Online

If you are not in a position to receive counseling in person, we offer e-therapy through video counseling. There have been studies to determine the efficacy of seeing a therapist online versus in person and the studies show that both have near equal effectiveness.  

Teen Anger Management

Teenagers go through a lot of different changes, emotions, and pressures throughout middle school and high school. If they haven’t learned the appropriate coping skills for dealing with anger due to stress, emotions, and other triggers, now is the time. These strategies will help them now and for the rest of their lives. Managing anger in relationships with family members and in dealing with depression are just some of the ways we can help. Anger in teens is normal, but if not checked it can lead to a type of anger management disorder and may have consequences that are hard to overcome. Call North End Wellness and we will discuss which of our teen counseling psychologists in Boise will be the best fit for your teenager.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I need anger management!” because you have been having trouble controlling your anger, now is the time to make a change. It isn’t too early, and it isn’t too late. Our emotionally focused therapy and safe and comfortable environment will help you feel secure and confident in your anger management sessions. 

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